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About Five-Element Acupuncture …

Five-Element Acupuncture provides a means, specific to the needs of each unique individual, of helping them overcome whatever illness they are experiencing.   Even among people with the same diagnosis and similar symptoms, the treatment needed to heal will be different for each person.  Rather than attempting to temporarily relieve the resulting pain and discomfort, treating the cause of illness helps us become and stay well again.

The ancient Chinese realized that the health of our body, mind and spirit are inseparable.  A healthy body provides the strength to accomplish our purpose.  A healthy mind provides the clarity to function effectively, and a healthy spirit gives us a sense of purpose, joy of life, and will to care for our selves and others.

All of these depend upon an abundant, balanced flow of vital energy as it moves throughout our entire system. There is nothing mysterious about this.  It is the energy we get from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and what we have inherited from our parents.  Any disruption in the flow of this vital energy weakens the natural ability of our body to repair itself, our mind to be focused and clear, and our spirit to be fully present and produce a fulfilling life.  In fact,  the ancients recognized that subtle imbalances in the flow of our vital energy can be detected and corrected by a trained practitioner before we become ill.

We live in challenging times.  It is easy to become overextended, worried, fearful, depressed or distracted from caring for our selves, our family, and our community in the ways that matter most.  In the end, our health is a direct result of how we live, and in particular whether we live in a state of balance and harmony.

People seek treatment for a wide variety of reasons.  Some come for non-physical complaints such as anxiety, depression or insomnia.  Some come because they have a major illness such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.  Some come because they have physical pain.  Others come for treatment of digestive problems, respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies, fatigue, skin disorders, or because they simply don’t feel their best.  A wise few come because they are well and want to stay that way.

It is important to bear in mind that all illness, regardless of the diagnostic label we in the west assign to it, affects and is affected by the flow of our vital energy.

By helping restore the full and abundant flow of vital energy throughout our body, this system of healing helps us regain our balance, vitality, sense of proportion, joy of life, and ability to heal from illness of every description.  It helps us become and stay well.

Commonly referred to as “Five Element Acupuncture”, J.R. first called what he taught “Traditional Five Element Acupuncture”, then “Classical Acupuncture”, then “Classical Five-Element Acupuncture”.  It has also been referred to as “Leamington Acupuncture”, and more recently, “Worsley Five Element Acupuncture”.  Regardless of the term applied to what J.R. taught, time and again he insisted that this system of medicine, grounded in immutable natural laws, has been practiced for thousands of years, and will be practiced for thousands of years to come.

That it has stood the test of time is testament to its safety and effectiveness.  That it is becoming increasingly sought now as a means to heal illness of the body, the mind, and the spirit is testament to its relevance to our time, and to the fact that the laws of nature are indeed timeless.