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Five-Element Acupuncture Community Practitioner List

The practitioners on this list have studied with J.R. Worsley, with his students, or with the schools they established.

Please note that this list is not meant as an endorsement of any of the practitioners listed, nor a recommendation of any particular practitioner over another.  It is simply meant to provide contact information for the above practitioners.

As always, the best referral is likely to be from someone who knows you and the practitioner they suggest for you.  You may find the contact information for a particular practitioner by searching for their name.

Since this is not always possible, you may also find a practitioner by searching the area you have in mind.

Note to Practitioners:  To our knowledge, there has never been a complete list of practitioners in our tradition.  This makes finding referrals for our patients difficult.  We have begun the process of compiling a comprehensive list.  Your listing is free of charge. Providing a list that is useful depends on your help updating your listing to include your current contact information, school, type of practice, email and website information.  Although we’ve done our best to make it complete and accurate, it is neither.  It is instead a work in progress.  Please click here to help us make your contact information complete and current.